What Tool Is Needed To Wrap A Car?

The maintenance of car wrap depends on the superb craftsmanship of the technician. Of course, good tools can get twice the result with half the effort. Let's take a look at these car wrap tools and their usage.

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Heat Gun

The heat gun is used to heat and shape the car wrap. It is also possible to heat some stubborn paste on the surface of the car paint to make the surface smooth before car wrap work.
It should be noted that the heat gun is to assist the shape of the car wrap, just heat it slightly, do not melt the car wrap, it may change the color of the car wrap.

Felt Squeegee

Squeegee tools are widely used in the installation of various car wrap. Ideal for all vinyl applications and will not scratch during installation. It can also scrape off stubborn stains on painted surfaces.

Stickers Magnet

It is used to assist in fixing the car wrap. With this, it is very convenient for one person to operate.

Carving Knife

Used to cut side seams when car wrap is installed. But you need to be very careful, it is best to stick masking tape on the side to prevent scratches on the paint surface.

Masking Tape

Before installing the car wrap, it is best to stick a circle of masking tape on the side seam as a protection. Otherwise, when the car wrap is removed in the future, it is easy to find scratches from large and small carving knives.

Tucking Tool Set

In the narrow corners where the squeegee cannot be used, you can use the Tucking Tool to stuff the excess car wrap into the gap.


Air Bubble Remove Pin Pen

The car wrap in our store usually has air release, but if there are huge air bubbles due to improper operation, just prick it gently with the Air Bubble Remove Pin Pen, and then use the squeezee to release the air bubbles.

Car Wrap Knifeless Tape

Simply lay the Knifeless Tape down on your vinyl wrap surface in the desired layout, wrap the surface with your desired vinyl, then pull the tape’s filament up through the vinyl to slice cleanly through the excess.

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